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2008-02-22 15:33:52 by brahdilleone95

I'm making a Game for flash it's gonna be like a type of fighting game but I'm encountering problems
like how do I get my character to stand still but the standing animation is in another animation or How Do I make a buton like for punching I know all about how to walk left and right, down up(I only use Left and Right) but I want to use the A and S buttons for a Fighting attack how do I Do that oh and I'm pretty good at action scprit now I've Watched like 6 tutorials 7 times again and again and again


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2008-02-23 08:02:06

when you open flash it shows a link for action scripting <_<

brahdilleone95 responds:

O_O What, well uh Thanks:D


2008-05-09 15:59:50

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