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Yay Newgrouds

2008-02-19 06:27:35 by brahdilleone95

well I just realized why newgrounds blamed my flash it's kinda a secret way to tell ya it sucks but also saying try harder you'll get it next time so like there tellin ya to keep trying and instead of like youtube,
where they just aceppt anything and it's never quite that good and there protectung ya from bad comments! NEWGROUNDS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2008-02-19 06:52:29

Heh, I had many of my early flashes blammed, so I know the feeling. Just keep trying and you'll get good enough to pass soon.

brahdilleone95 responds:

yeah thats why instead of making tons of 1 minute videos I'm gonna make one very long one